DLF Phase 6 Gurgaon

Introducing DLF Phase 6 Gurgaon

The latest addition to Gurgaon’s real estate scene! DLF, known for its iconic developments like Phase 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, is now unveiling Phase 6, set to make waves in the city’s history.

Picture this: 1800 acres of prime land, where Cyber City 2 and DLF Phase 6 converge. This synergy is reshaping sectors 74, 74A, 75, 75A, 76, 77, and 78, making DLF Phase 6 a hotspot for both commercial and residential ventures. It’s an enticing opportunity for investors and homebuyers alike.

Everything you need is right here

┬áSimply stop by to reserve your place! DLF is not only talking when it talks about putting in a golf course. In addition to several brand-new, opulent releases in Phase 6, they have a ton in store for you, including DLF Camellias 2, DLF Aralias 2, DLF Magnolias 2, DLF Crest 2, DLF Arbour 2, DLF Privana West, DLF Privana South, DLF Privana East, and DLF Privana North. Don’t forget about the enormous 31 acres of center vegetation and the 7-hole golf course. It resembles a paradise that is just ready for you to discover and customize!

With the launch of Golf Course 2, DLF Phase 6 promises an unmatched level of luxury living. The offerings are even more alluring, with something for everyone to choose from, including the upscale DLF Camellias 2 and the exclusive DLF Magnolias 2. Not to be overlooked is the impending Aravalli Jungle Safari project, which is anticipated to be a significant tourist destination and wildlife preservation project. For those who love the outdoors, this project and the next leopard park have the potential to be revolutionary.

DLF Phase 6 - commercial Belt Operational

DLF Phase 6 is a growing commercial hub in addition to being a desirable residential neighborhood. This area is full of opportunities, from the busy Cyber City 2 to the DLF Commercial Plots. Prominent corporations such as American Express, Tata Airlines, LinkedIn, Zomato, and Vistara Airlines are among the numerous others that have already established themselves here. Given the well-known brands operating out of DLF Phase 6, the business possibilities seem extremely bright.
DLF Phase 6, which is situated in sectors 74 to 79, provides unparalleled connectivity and convenience. DLF is a notable player in Gurgaon’s real estate market because of its dedication to transparency, quality, and safety. It makes sense that DLF continues to be the preferred option for investors looking for high returns on their capital.

dlf camellias 2
dlf camellias 2

Jungle Safari & Aravali Safari at DLF Phase 6

What do you think? Nature is just as much a part of DLF Phase 6 as opulent residences and large corporations! A massive Aravalli Jungle Safari project is planned to shortly be built in DLF Phase 6. It would encompass regions of Gurugram and Nuh and be the largest of its type. This is about more than just having fun; it’s also about protecting nature and wildlife. They even have plans to create a park just for leopards! To make this happen, a number of agencies, including the Department of Tourism and Wildlife, are collaborating. This safari will have a variety of creatures, birds, and stunning natural areas to explore, from adorable herbivores to fascinating leopards. This is going to be one amazing excursion in our own neighborhood!

DLF Phase 6 Gurgaon on SPR Road
dlf new aralias gurgaon sector 77 download brochure

DLF Phase 6 Master Plan

DLF Phase 6 Location

Sectors 74, 74A, 75, 75A, Sector 76, Sector 77, Sector 78, and Sector 79 are served by DLF Phase 6. These sites will be included in DLF PHASE 6.

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